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A Brief Look at the Flame Proof Hoists

Flame hoists are generally used by industries that work with sensitive material. This sensitive material can be of various different kinds. The main property of such material is that they are highly explosive. Some type of material just need the … Continue reading

Flame Proof Hoist

Flame proof hoists are basically designed such they prevent potential disasters from occurring. Many industries work with materials that can explode if they accidentally strike the right combination of air / gas mix. These kinds of explosions can prove fatal … Continue reading

Flame Proof Hoist – The Technical Aspect

A flame proof hoist a special hoist that is built with safety in mind. The safety of the workers and the factory or plant is a big concern when lifting sensitive material. If the load that is being transferred or … Continue reading

A brief introduction to Flame proof hoists

A flame proof hoist is essentially a normal hoist, the difference being that such hoists are specially build such that they can prevent disasters from occurring. There are many industries that work with sensitive material that can explode under some … Continue reading

Guide to the installation of a Wire Rope Hoist

A Wire Rope Hoist is a piece of equipment that is used for lifting and lowering an object or a specific load. The lifting and lowering is usually carried out by the means of a rope. The load can either … Continue reading

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