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Looking for a good quality Crane manufacturer then you are at the right place. We have been in this field of design, manufacturing and marketing of material handling equipment for about 30 years. We also have a good record of service history and extensive experience in the field of material handling equipment manufacturing. As far as quality is concerned we believe our manufacturing plants have set a new standard in the manufacturing of material handling equipment by providing highly reliable and good quality products. We design and manufacture all kinds of materials handling equipment like motors, bridge drive, brakes, crane control machines, painting, power supply systems, etc.

We have the perfect formula to design one of the best equipment around thus ensuring wheel loads, minimizing dead weight, lowering building cost, head room and clearances. We provide micro speed through planetary gear boxes or by means of variable frequency drives for different motions. We guarantee a long life of the equipment and service too if required under some circumstances.

We offer a wide variety of lifts, cross and long speeds and hoisting to suit the many different operational requirements. We are also known for prompt deliveries and quick after sales service. We try to keep our costs as low as possible and pass that on the customer.

Bridge Drive :

Motors :


Electro Hydraulic Thrustor for all motions, DC/AC EM brakes or additional brakes on request.

Crane Control :

From Floor through Pendant Push Buttons/ Open Cabin / Totally Enclosed Cabin / Radio Remote Control operation at 110/24 V. Electrical Switch Gears mounted inside dust proof Control Panels, with suitable access for maintenance.

Power Supply System :

To Hoist & Cross Travel through Trailing Cables. To Crane through Trailing Cable/M.S. Angle Iron Conductors / Shrouded G.I. / Copper Conductors to customer's choice.

Painting :

All exposed parts primed with Red-Oxide Zinc Chromate Primer and finished with Enamel Paint to customer's colour scheme.

Other Products :

Special Features :

Design :

Amply Proportioned Main Girder of Box Section, fabricated from tested quality IS—2062 plates, all butt welds 100% rediographed. Main Girder further stiffened with Long and Short diaphragms. End Carriages, either from rolled section or fabricated from plates.

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The manufacture includeing procurement of raw materials and bought

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The manufacture includeing procurement of raw materials and bought out components.
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