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Wire Rope Hoists | Hoisting Equipment

High Torque Squirrel cage conical rotor
Crane duty 220% and 290% starting and stalling torques
Class "F " insulation- 40% CDF
  • Designed for starts/stop duties
  • Ideal for heavy Duty application
  • Suitable for industrial environments
Precision spur gears
Made from alloy steel
Supported on Ball/Needle Bearing
Grease lubricated
  • Low noise
  • Hardened for long life
  • Minimum maintenance
Electro mechanically operated
100% fail safe
Conical disc type
High braking torque
Easily adjustable
  • Safe and simple
  • No brake coils required
  • Reliable
  • No maintenance
Fabricated from tested plates
Accurate grooving
Supported on large diameter roller bearings at both ends
  • Designed for long life
  • Rope guide prolongs rope life
  • Alternative drum lengths allow for various heights of lift
Panel box with IP-54 protection
Mechanically and electrically interlocked contactors
Control circuit with options of 24V/48V/110V
  • Dust and Vermin proof
  • Interlocks prevents accidental operations of
    opposing motions
  • Low voltage pendant for operator safety
Steel rope sheaves rotate on ball bearings Steel sheave guards Forged tested hook supported on thrust bearing
  • Long working life
  • Sheave guards protect sheave and rope from damage
  • For easy swivelling
Direct acting push type rod arrangement Operated by the moving rope guide and actuator
  • Prevents accidental over-hoisting/ over-lowering of
    the hook
  • Maximum/minimum heights can be adjusted

Best quality Wire rope hoist and hoisting equipment at unbeatable rates

If you have a requirement for good quality wire rope hoist or other hosting machineries then you need not look very far. We can supply all that and more to you at Forum Hoist Pvt. Ltd. Being one of the most renowned online engineering firms, we design and manufacture equipment of international quality and standards. We have been in this field of design, manufacturing and marketing of material handling equipment for about 30 years. We also have a good record of service history and extensive experience in the field of material handling equipment manufacturing. As far as quality is concerned we believe our manufacturing plants have set a new standard in the manufacturing of material handling equipment by providing highly reliable and good quality products.

Our hoisting equipment is capable of heavy duty applications and can also meet the tough industrial requirements. These machines have low gear box noise level and need low to none maintenance. They are also durable and quite easily perform the basic function of lifting various heavy duty materials and moving them from one place to another. The equipment also has sheave guards which protects sheave and rope from any potential damage.

Our wire rope hoists have forged and examined hook that make swivelling easier. They are equipped with steep rope sheaves that rotate on ball bearings. These hoisting machineries feature micro speed hoisting, adjustable trolley for curved runways, small head room for optimum lifting, custom made hoist for heavy lifts too ( about 50 meters), IP55 and IP65 enclosures, fixed switches for over hosting and long travel, S.S.P and thermal overload relays for motor shielding.

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