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We at Forum Hoist Pvt. Ltd provide the finest Hydraulic Overhead Travelling (HOT) cranes. We design and manufacture the best quality of cranes for overhead lifting needs. They are available as single girder and double girder forms. We have been in this field of design, manufacturing and marketing of material handling equipment for about 30 years. We also have a good record of service history and extensive experience in the field of material handling equipment manufacturing. As far as quality is concerned we believe our manufacturing plants have set a new standard in the manufacturing of material handling equipment by providing highly reliable and good quality products. Our products are corrosion resistant, high performing, durable, rigid and always facilitate easy maintenance.

We manufacture many different types of HOT cranes like under slung cranes, double girder model, cranes with main and auxiliary hoists, single girder models, CRAB, EOT, etc. Besides which we have an option of a different class level of the cranes. This different class level is determined as per the requirements and specification of the customers. Our cranes require low maintenance. The Class I cranes are light duty while he Class I cranes are medium duty and meant for various lifting requirements like workshops, processing lands, foundries, ware houses etc. Class III kinds are heavy-duty equipment, made for workshops, production shops etc. There is also a Class IV model that are additionally heavy duty and use in place like storage house, steel industry, etc. We are a reputed and well established engineering group, making high end overhead lifting cranes. We strive to maintain the good quality and customization per your requirements


Forum Hoists is a reputed and established engineering group manufacturing superb quality overhead lifting solutions since inception. Made of best quality raw materials, our HOT crane devices feature international manufacturing standards. Unmatched quality is ensured with out state-of-the-art equipment. Low maintenance is required and our cranes last for long span of time.

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The manufacture includeing procurement of raw materials and bought

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The manufacture includeing procurement of raw materials and bought out components.
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