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Material Handling Equipment Single, Double Girder Overhead CranesAre you searching for the best material handling equipment and overhead travelling crane components then you need to look no further. We are in the field of design, manufacture and marketing of material handling equipment for about 30 years. We also have a good record of service history and extensive experience in the field of material handling equipment manufacturing. As far as quality is concerned we believe our manufacturing plants have set a new standard in the manufacturing of material handling equipment by providing highly reliable and good quality products.

You can choose the machinery as per your requirement since we manufacture many different kinds of them. Each of these equipment is fully capable of handling very heavy loads and transferring them from one place to another. In addition to which they come with the low head room benefit and weight about 30 tons. You can be assured about quality since all the equipment is made from the finest raw materials. And that’s not all we also take into account the feedback we receive from our valued customers and incorporate that into our design and sometimes even manufacture customized equipment as per the requirements.

The equipment we produce is usually the lowest weight possible. We also strive to make them as easy as possible to operate and maintain in the future. There are many applications of this type of equipment like Single Girder and Double Girder Cranes equipped with slippery induction motors, crane duty motors, squirrel cage induction motors, etc. Our equipment usually has a low dead weight and tends to have a low cost as well.

We are one of the most reputed Engineering groups making sophisticated and highly refined equipment and overhead lifting machines. It is the fact that we use the finest quality raw material is the reason why our machines are widely used for power crane applications.

Standard benefits

Standard benefits

Forum Hoists is a renowned engineering group manufacturing advanced and highly refined material handling and overhead lifting solutions. We have used superb quality raw materials for overhead cranes and thus, they are excellent for power crane applications.

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The manufacture includeing procurement of raw materials and bought

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The manufacture includeing procurement of raw materials and bought out components.
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